The Illinois Valley Contractors Association a non-profit service organization, was founded December 8, 1948 by and for area contractors. The basic purpose of the Association is to negotiate and administer local construction labor union contracts, and to assist its members however possible.

The Association’s office also administers the Illinois Valley Construction Industry Advancement Program, which was created and established for the purposes of promoting, improving and advancing the construction contracting industry in the Illinois Valley.

Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Membership Benefits

Representation for the Contractor

  • Union Contract Negotiations
  • Grievances

Full Service Plan Room

  • Plans for jobs across North Central Illinois
  • Print scanning & copies printed
  • Prints scanned & copied to CD
  • Prints printed from your CD
  • Prints downloaded & printed
  • Deep discounts on prints purchased
  • Quick turnaround on print requests
  • Direct connection to architects & engineers
  • High speed internet connection
  • Dodge reports for eight counties

Full Service Website

  • Online plan room listing available jobs
  • Bargaining agreements by trade in PDF
  • Wage directory by trade in PDF
  • Membership directory with active links
  • IAF & LM reporting forms in PDF & Excel
  • Newsletter in PDF
  • Resource links

Contractor Directory Listing

  • Company and contact information
  • Distributed free area wide

Administer Funds

  • Receive & record IAF & LM contributions

Membership Types

General Contractor

Hires union Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Associate Contractor

Employs Union Trades
Sub-Contracts to General Contractors

Industry Affiliate

Has a product or service that supports the Construction Trade. Some examples are Lumber, Insurance, Steel, Cement, Banking, etc.

Membership Benefits